About Us

Welcome to Tenacious Outdoors! We are a pickleball paddle manufacturing company with a mission to inspire everyday fitness through the greatest sport on earth.

We started with a love of the outdoors and a desire to make fitness more fun. We believe that getting off the couch and into nature is the key to improving physical and mental wellness.

As fans of the game, we saw an opportunity to make high-quality paddles that would make it more fun and accessible for all players. We designed robust, lightweight paddles with a comfortable grip so players could focus on the game and not their subpar gear.

Tenacious Outdoors uses high-tech production techniques and the best materials to make paddles that match our high standards. Our absolute obsession with quality sets us apart.

As a family run business, we support our community and encourage healthy, active living. Our gear will enhance your pickleball experience, whether you're a beginner, a pro or like most of us, somewhere in between.

Thanks for choosing Tenacious Outdoors!