Whirlwind of Pickleball Activity!

Whirlwind of Pickleball Activity!

The sport of pickleball has seen a whirlwind of activity over the past week with several notable events and developments captivating the community. Here are the top five highlights:

  1. Unexpected Loss for the Johns Brothers: In a surprising turn of events at the PPA Holly Hill, Ben and Collin Johns suffered an early defeat in the round of 16 to Jaume Martinez Vich and Wyatt Stone. This loss is particularly notable given the rarity with which the Johns brothers find themselves on the losing end, especially so early in a tournament.

  2. Ben Johns Secures Singles Gold: Despite the earlier setback in doubles, Ben Johns continued his dominance in the singles category by winning the gold medal. His strategic use of two-hand backhand shots and a mix of tennis and pickleball tactics on serve and return points respectively showcased his adaptability and skill.

  3. Mixed Doubles Victory for ALW and Ben: Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns effortlessly claimed the mixed doubles gold at PPA Holly Hill, reinforcing their status as an unbeatable pair in the current pickleball landscape.

  4. Women’s Doubles Win for CP and ALW: The duo of Catherine Parenteau and Anna Leigh Waters continued their winning streak by securing another victory in women’s doubles. Their consistent performance raises questions about potential challengers who could disrupt their dominance.

  5. Major League Pickleball Developments: The pickleball world is also buzzing with excitement over Major League Pickleball's strategic movements, including a full merger with the Carvana PPA Tour backed by a significant investment. This development aims to unify professional pickleball under a single banner, promising a more cohesive and expansive future for the sport.

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